Posted on: October 2, 2009 7:46 pm

Sorry, Chicago, But Rio Deserved the Games.

Wow.  South America had never hosted the Olympics?  Wow.  With so many talented athletes, then it's about time that the Olympic games be hosted somewhere in South America.
Chicago may have made a decent pitch, but let's face it:  It never had a chance.  For one thing:  The IOC is pretty Euro-centric, and Europeans love sports like soccer and rugby.  Brazil and Spain play these sports, and they are well represented in both sports, plus others.  Tokyo hosts many other impressive events, and that may have disqualified it from the final decision.  Plus, Chicago doesn't have the flash of an LA (which has already hosted an event) and NY (which missed out on the Olympics, but did have the chance to host soccer World Cup level events).  It wasn't going to be Chicago's year.  The IOC is a fickle bunch, and more political than a House of Representatives luncheon.  I wouldn't be too disappointed.
One thing is for sure:  This is NOT a slap at President Obama or at the US.  This is the way it goes.  That's it.  To somehow turn this into a crisis of the Obama administration is overstating his importance and - quite frankly - being a bit narcissistic.  Not every decision on the planet has to do with the US.  There are many sports that are played here, from tennis and golf to soccer and extreme sports.  However, there are many other countries in the world.  It can't all be about the US.  Let's remember: The top sport in the world - soccer - is dominated by Latin Americans and Europeans.  The top sporting event in the world - Formula 1 - is also not huge in the US, but is revered everywhere else. (I have to say, Nascar bores me to tears with it's eternal lefts; so, I can see the appeal of being watching people who drive on regular roads.)
Let's focus on the positive:  People got together for a cause of good will and not about political, social, economic or military crises.  Not bad.  Let's see if we can do that more often.
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