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Posted on: June 5, 2009 1:20 pm

Dear NBC & Tennis Channel:

Knock it off!
Today was the French Open Men's semi-final, and what do the genius programmers do?  Well, let's see:
TENNIS CHANNEL:  Chooses to show reruns of yesterday's women's semis, even though the men had already started one match.  (ESPN is off the hook since NBC had rights for today.)  Even though NBC was NOT showing both semis, Tennis ran another rerun of the Champions Series.  GRADE:  F
NBC:  After making people suffer through a 3rd hour of the Today Show (but mercifully not presenting the unpleasant pair of Gifford-Kotb), they finally showed the Soderling-Gonzalez semi (which was in progress). Once that was done, the "day" ended.  GRADE: D-
OH COME ON!  It's bad enough that there was a delay in showing the games, BUT no one thought that in a Nadal-less year it might be fun, interesting and compelling to see Federer - who has never won a French Open title, but could this year - play someone who has never even reached the semis?  This might not be historic?  This might not be a ratings grabber?  Federer fans don't care?  Did they miss the memo showing that Days of Our Lives has sinking ratings?
What is wrong with you people?!  CBS has the decency to devote whole afternoons of programming during the US Open. In other words, they fully commit.  I shudder to think how that will change now that "We'll-Show-Anything-But" Tennis Channel is involved, but I know what I'll be doing: checking matches on the internet.  Again.
What are your thoughts?
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