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Posted on: May 8, 2009 3:15 pm

Manny? Really? You Didn't Think To Check?

OK, let me first go on the record stating that I am not a fan of Manny Ramirez,but one has to admit that the guy can play.  Manny is a pain in the butt.  He's had the reputation of being a bad teammate, difficult to manage, moody, drama-queen like, etc.  In short, he can be a spoiled brat.  Regardless, people were willing to overlook that as long as he kept playing well.  He finally spent all of Boston's patience, and they let him go, but the worst problem he had was that he has an award-winning level bad personality.  What surprises me is how he has behaved this week after his suspension.
He says that he went to a doctor who prescribed meds which the doctor believed would be acceptable under the MLB guidelines.  Unfortunately, he neglected to double check with the league, and now he is paying the price.  You know what, though? He didn't whine.  He didn't make a plethora of excuses.  He simply said, "Bummer.  OK."  I really expected a tantrum or denials a mile long. I even thought he'd do the A-Fraud route and make the combo of explanations, excuses and blames. ("My cousin made me do it," is a classic.)  Yet, Manny simply accepted it with little comment, and said his lawyers would handle it.  Of course, he did make a swipe at people when he said that he relied on the non-MLB doc to properly inform him, and under the MLB's rules it's his responsibility to follow up with them.  The sad thing is that if it is as he says that he sought legitimate treatment for a legitimate illness, then he is penalized for being dumb and not dishonest.  He failed to follow up and guarantee that everything was OK.  He misunderstood the level of a professional's knowledge when he assumed that the doctor who is not part of the league - and therefore not privy to all of the drug regulations - would be aware of MLB's medical restrictions.  Yes, he complained about the fact that the MLB places the responsibility on players to keep the league abreast, but he also said he should have been more thorough and followed up.  Wow.  Simple.
If things keep going the way they are, I may have to cut Manny some slack.  Yes, he is seeking some payback from the doctor who treated him, but he is not hiring teams of PR people to argue his case.  He isn't calling SI, and he isn't seeking time on 60 minutes like A-Fraud and Clemens.  He's taking his hits now, and later he'll be back to hit again.  Yet, he deserves some credit for taking all of this like a man.
What do you think?
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