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Posted on: January 4, 2010 2:46 pm

Resting Players: Why Not?

I heard all kinds of talk and complaints about the fact that Indy chose to rest its top players as opposed to using them in the past couple of games.  Quelle scandale!  All i can say is, "Get over it!"  It's not a bad idea to rest your players.  In fact, it's good business and strategy.
First off, let's get some practicality in here.  Players get injured. If you're the Colts, you've seen your star injured and in danger of being out for the season.  You have a real chance of making it the Super Bowl, and you want to risk losing your leader who can all but guarantee a win?  Second, using replacements made no difference in the outcome of the team's post season chances.  So, who cares if Bob Smith plays?  Isn't he a member of the team?  Doesn't he get a check for essentially showing up?  Isn't his job to stand in when the first-team guy can't?  Third, fans need to ask themselves:  Is it about your team winning and playing to win, or it about you?  is it all about your selfish need to see your favorite player, or have you invested in tickets and in Sunday afternoons to watch your team win and get to the post-season?  Coaches need to strategize and use their options wisely.  If a coach thinks it's time to let his players rest, and he thinks they deserve it, then sit down and let him do his job.
So, a player rests.  Guess what?  They do it in other team sports, why not in the NFL?  I'd rather let my key players rest and get ready for the playoffs, than see one of them get hurt - as many did January 3 - and then lose those guys when I need them the most.
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