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Posted on: July 3, 2010 9:09 pm

World Cup. It's Madness!

I am crazy about March Madness.  Love college basketball in general, but March is a special time.  Just like baseball on opening day for me.  Just special energy.  First day of Wimbledon and the US Open do that for me, too....

And then there's the World Cup.  Anybody watching this year's WC knows how crazy it can get, and this one has been special in it's madness.  I wanted Spain in the semis, but I wasn't sure if they would wake up from their collective slumber in time.  Well, they did wake up.  It looks like they're peaking now, and that's a relief.  Germany did not come out of nowhere.  They have always been very consistent, and it's a good squad.  Perhaps being good but under the radar has helped, but those who know futbol know better:  Yes, Germany IS that good.  Argentina was not.  Neither was Brazil.  And the Netherlands are that good, too.  They, too, were known to be good enough, but somehow didn't get the notice of the public.  Big mistake.  How come only Brazil seemed worried?  They have the talent, but they understood what it's like to play against a team that a star of legendary quality, who is a playmaker, but - most importantly - is a unifying force.  This is something neither Brazil nor Argentina have - a unifier.  They also don't have the same consistency in the big games.  Why?  Probably ego for Brazil.  They aren't good team players.  Everyone wants that Nike ad moment.  Argentina?  Probably some of the same, but also burdened by a country's expectations.  It can weigh on you.

So, we have  a great set of 4 vying for the last two spots.  Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Uruguay.  Crazy, and yet... not so much.  What a beautiful game.
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